Walking Out of the Casino Ahead

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Do You Know When to Quit at a Casino?

Gamblers know the feeling—you hit a couple of nice wins, or you are steadily keeping even. You are waiting for the big score but in the meantime, you are holding your own and keeping out of a big hole.

If you left the casino at that moment, it would an uneventful visit—fun but nothing monumental. At the very least you wouldn’t have lost much, let alone lost it all.

Two hours later, you are down to your last bet, hoping for a bailout. On the way out the door, you ask yourself “What the hell happened?”


A Million Ways to Lose and No Sure Fire Way to Win at a Casino

There is no surefire way to walk out of the casino ahead. In the research I have done on this topic, there are a million systems, but the truth is if you play long enough, the house eventually will win more than it gives out. Still, there are dumb ways to lose, and smart ways to hang on to your winnings.

As the song says, one of the “tricks” to hanging onto your winnings is to “know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.” I read a statistic that says that 70% of everyone who goes into a casino is ahead at one point. But it goes beyond this.

The dilemma is the same whether you are playing inside a casino, gambling online, or at the track.

Top Tips to Walk Out of the Casino Ahead


Set a time limit for your visit

The longer you gamble, the more likely it is the house edge will emerge. The longer you stay, the more likely you will get sloppy, maybe a little greedy.

Think positive: set a maximum amount to win

If you don’t set limits you may never leave until you lose it all; therefore, set an amount you’d like to win and stick with it if you reach your goal.

Sense the vibe – it’s simple – do you feel lucky? Well, do ya? If not, call it an early night and live to play again.

Keep bet amounts reasonable – the last thing you want to do is accelerate into a depression. Doubling up won’t get you out of the hole any faster—it can definitely push you deeper in. Big wins are far and few in between.

Know when to cut your losses–When the table or slots are going bad, have the courage to walk.

Know the games you are playing—research, know how you can win, and how you can lose.

Develop a system for “pocketing your winnings.” For example, if you go up $20, put $5 into a pocket that you cannot take money out of. If you have a gambling partner, let them hold your winnings.

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