Cashing In: 32 Million for Rivers Casino in November

December 8th, 2011 | by Frank | No Comments »

In the month of November, Rivers Casino in Des Plaines had $32+ million adjusted gross receipts—double its nearest competitors in Joliet and Elgin, which both averaged $16 milllion.
Rivers Casino revenues actually rose over the previous month—as it has done in every month since it opened.

Earlier this month, Rivers began adding more promotions, including a $400,000,000 giveaway.

Rivers is making roughly $102.00 per customer, which is up from an average of $96 from last month.

Elgin had the highest take per customer–at $130 each.

In all Illinois casinos,  1,253,817 customers made their way through the turnstiles, collectively generating Adjusted Gross Revenues of $127,447 (thousands).




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